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ITEGY provide The Best Data Storage Solution.

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These factors include:

Mandatory requirements government organizations
Archiving data for legal and future reference reasons
Advanced viruses which call for more storage capacities
All upgrading or updating software requiring extra space
Wireless Handheld Computing and Barcode Scanning.
RFID - Passive and Active.

Which Backup Solution is Best for You?

There are three basic types of backup: full, incremental and differential. Full backup provides you with an exact copy of your data which is also accessible anytime and it is useful for amateurs.

The other two basic backup types, differential and incremental, are more for people who work from home or who want to backup a computer used in a business. These types of data backups are typically done several times a week (if not daily) for maximum protection against data-loss. Differential backups only backup the files that have changed since your last full backup, so these take longer and use more storage space, but have a shorter restoration time.

Incremental backups only backup the files that have changed since your last backup (whether your last backup was a full or an incremental backup) so incremental backups are quicker and take less space, but restoration time is much longer as you must restore both your last full backup and all of the incremental backups performed since that time.

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Data Storage Solutions

Types of Data Storage Solutions:

Active Archive & Backup Solutions
Cloud Storage & Data De-Duplication
Data Security & Disk Storage
Solid State Drives & Tape Storage
Unified Data Storage & Virtualization

Storage hardware, software, services and support to keep you running!

If you are not regularly making a backup of your computer data including programs, documents, pictures, movies, databases and anything else that matters, you are sitting on a time bomb. Making a backup of your files is one of the most important things you can do keep your information and files safe, have a restore point in case of damage or loss and have a reference point in case data integrity is compromised.

Tape libraries are ageing. Data centers are down due to power failures. Systems crashes and virus dumps makes data accessibility weak. Your transactions, documents, financial data, company information and all other data need to be secure and safe. ITEGY guides and helps you to achieve tension free data storage.

Necessity of Data Storage Backup Solutions in a Business

There are many data backup solutions in the market and target large, medium, small businesses and for home use. Any business with projections of growth will require some large solutions in order to meet the ever growing demand for data storage.

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One of the most important aspects of business success is data storage. Whether your business has to store employee records, financial details, assets, company expansion plans, customer records or everything about the company, it is imperative that you settle for the best possible data storage solution. It would be unfortunate for a company in this age to be grounded just because data is lost, damaged or compromised and there is no way to recover it. Data integrity and security is very serious and many companies invest a fortune to make sure that their information is safe and secure

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