• Get Your Website
    Get Your Website
    1- Brief
    2- Analytic s
    3- Idea
    4- Design
    5- Development
    6- Support
  • Server Rack
    Server Management
    Server is the lifeline of your organization, and we ensure that it is always up and running
    so that your business prospers. Get certified system admins to efficiently manage your
    business servers 24 x 7, at highly affordable rates.
  • Hardware & Networking
    When it comes to Hardware & Networking solutions,ITEGY leads among all
    IT companies in Cairo, Egypt. We provide complete IT support services along
    with personalized installation and maintenance.
    Hardware &
  • Data Storage & Recovery
    Data Storage & Recovery
    Loss of important business data on your server can cost a fortune. ITEGY in Cairo
    can help you safeguard your vulnerable physical and virtual data without wasting
    much time & energy.
  • Security Solutions
    We provide foolproof security by helping you stay connected to your assets
    remotely through surveillance cameras & access control locking systems.
    Security Solutions
  • Office Setup
    Office Setup Solutions
    Tangled cables or missing paraphernalia while office relocation is no longer
    a concern with our office setup solutions. We help you get your business up
    and running quickly so that it doesn’t suffer loss even for a day!

Faster & Reliable

Avail world-class business IT services comprising complete IT support, AMC, consultancy, and other such services customizable to clients’ needs.

Why our clients prefer us?

  • We hire, train and deploy only the most experienced IT professionals.
  • We thoroughly evaluate client needs before providing a customized, time-and-investment optimized technological solution.
  • We partner with world IT leaders to empower our clients with the most advanced technology.
  • We keep our clients updated at every step, ensuring complete and total transparency and trust.
  • We impart training on new technologies to our client’s IT staff, so that they can provide faster and more improved services to their customers.

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Redefine Solution

We are a trusted partner when it comes to delivering IT solutions like data backup & recovery, network security, cablings, firewalls and other such solutions.

A Top Ranked IT Company in Egypt

ITEGY is a leading provider of high quality IT solutions in Egypt and are highly regarded in the field of IT. Technology companies from all over depend on our expertise to render service and education to their businesses. Our team consists of technicians who have devout experience and knowledge that coincides with the latest technical innovations and IT Solutions in Egypt. We are equipped to handle the most complex challenges as they are presented in any technical format.

The Best of IT Companies in Egypt

We are distinctively different than other IT companies due to our outstanding position in customer service. Our dedicated professionals are strongly regarded for outstanding phone support, personal training or an outsourcing package designed to fit the needs of the company. Unlike many IT companies in Egypt, we offer full time support services for the convenience of the company.

We are the people that small and big organizations come to for a complete end-to-end technological solutions package. We are the ones behind their high-tech servers, their impenetrable firewalls and their state-of-the-art hardware.
Our vision is to become the top IT solutions providers and acknowledged Tiered Partners for leading organizations worldwide.
Our mission is to know our clients thoroughly, and arm them with the most suitable yet advanced technology to ensure hassle–free, time-saving, efficient performance.
We provide top-of-the-line technology services, solutions and IT training to companies of varying sizes. Our client’s size or scope doesn’t matter to us. What matters is how we leverage our wealth of experience, industry knowledge and the latest technological research to help our clients overcome their IT challenges.