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IT Support


We provide a wide range of Support solutions

to help your business reach its desired goals and objectives. ITEGY experienced in many areas and offer paramount support in terms of technical knowledge, providing first class business solutions and also provide a managed 24/7 service. We offer cross functional support to many businesses, with our services including Email Management, Network Installation, Disaster Recovery, Upgrades & Migrations, Server & Network Management, Remote Working and Security.

Support Solutions

ITEGY Support Solutions:

IT Support for PC's
IT Support for Servers
Telephony IT Support
Onsite IT Support
Complete IT Outsourcing / In - house Hiring

The ITEGY IT support service for PCs and laptops provides a reactive, high-quality and cost-effective solution that gives you instant access to Microsoft Certified professionals when you need them. The Five rivers support service for PCs and laptops delivers a high-quality solution at a low cost and provides: Instant access to our Microsoft certified professionals

it Support for PC

Support for PC's & Laptops

Help when you need it with no limit
A single point of contact for all your issues
help with your virus/spyware issues On-demand
Installation of new hardware and software
Complete IT Outsourcing/In-house Hiring

The ITEGY support service for servers provides a reactive, high-quality and cost-effective solutions that give instant access to Microsoft Certified professionals who will help resolve your server and network problems. The ITEGY support service for servers delivers a high-quality solution at a low cost and provides:

it Support for Servers

Support for Servers

access to our Microsoft certified professionals
Help to the number of problems you can raise
A single point of contact for all your IT issues
Installation and support for Active issues
Domain troubleshooting support
Secure remote access
Small Business Server and Microsoft Exchange Installation
E-mail Support

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Telephony support available instantly for both PC's and Servers

for one-off incidents delivers a high-quality solution at a low cost and provides

Instant Access to one of our Microsoft certified engineer. and No fee will be charged until we discuss and agree with you how we can resolve the issue Maximum call time of 30 mins for a PC or laptop incident and 45 mins for a server incident

Onsite Support

Not all incidents can be fixed remotely. We have a team of Microsoft qualified mobile engineers who can visit your site within an agreed timescale and attempt to resolve any issues you have with Servers, Laptops, PC's or with your network. We provide both software and hardware onsite maintenance. Our engineers have an in depth knowledge of resolving both software and hardware related incidents. We also offer a ‘floor walker’ for the day package. This includes one of our friendly Microsoft certified engineers to attend your site for an agreed period of time to floor walk and fix any IT issues you may have face to face and also provide advice or answer any concerns you may have.

it Additional Benefits

Designed for:

Companies who want to fully outsource their IT department support
Companies who prefer fixed costs no matter what time or disaster it is
Companies who benefit from many IT experts without having to pay for them all
Companies who want to consolidate their IT environment
Companies downsizing and can no longer budget for multiple IT personnel
A virtual Chief Information Officer, without the costs
Simultaneous user requests
Complex IT infrastructures

Complete IT Outsourcing

With our current economic crisis, many medium-sized businesses are looking for ways to save money, but still require a solid IT infrastructure. ITEGY Complete IT Outsourcing service lowers costs while bringing peace of mind to the company. It allows the company to concentrate on their core competencies and business development tasks. A virtual CIO will help align your business goals with your IT environment. Our outsourcing service is ideal for medium-sized businesses that are downsizing, but would still like IT support from a group of certified IT professionals.

it Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits:

Decreased response time (onsite and offsite)
Discounted Rates
No additional rate premiums
Monthly IT planning meetings
Multi-level SLAs
Detailed project logs
MON - Remote Monitoring Service
TIX - Online Trouble Ticketing System

The cost of having an internal IT staff has become a high expense. Fortunately, ITEGY has a solution that replaces your entire IT department with our IT staff. We take care of all your needs, including planning and budgeting for the future. This ‘full-service’ solution enables managers and executives to concentrate on growing their business. If a problem happens, ITEGY will be there to resolve it. If a user has any IT issues, ITEGY will be there to assist them. Due to its fixed cost structure and reasonable monthly pricing, clients can be assured that any support request is a valid support request. Our main concern is to stabilize your environment and provide the best support for your users. We will handle everything from backups to maintenance to desktop deployment to asset tagging to planning consolidation and migration strategies.

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