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what product ranges we cover:

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
HRM (Human Resources Management)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Production Management
Project Costing
Document Management
Fixed Asset Management
Business Intelligence

Good Accounting Software's can also help you earn money. How???

To quote a famous proverb of all time ‘A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned’ - Benjamin Franklin

Hence every Penny counts. Are you keeping count of all the money you earn in business? Do you have a system in place which tells you the history and trend in your money earned and spent? Good accounting software can do this for you.

software specific industries

software within specific industries

Real estate
Logistics and Shipping
Call Center

Accounting Software's for new startups:

Even before a new business to come into full operation, investors spend money on various start up and government procedural activities. All these expenses either planned or not, go on to determine total capital investment investors would make in getting the business up and running. We provide good and affordable accounting software for all types of businesses that account for these expenses and also provides basis for the businessmen to budget expenses for the years to come.

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In an increasingly global industry many businesses are developing an international presence. They therefore need solutions that are powerful and productive enough to cope with government legislation, multiple currencies, multiple languages and that which offers integration's, customization's, multiple platform options and more. We, at ITEGY have researched these challenges and have developed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Resource Management (HRM) and other software solutions that meet the demands international businesses generate.

We deliver large scale implementations; provide specialist knowledge and services which equip our clients to run their businesses more effectively and overcome the challenges of today's business environment. The support service and aftercare we provide to our clients is the cornerstone of our success. We believe we are already the best in our industry at offering customer service, but we aim to offer an outstanding experience at every level.

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