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Add a hardware security key for two-step verification

For the best available account security, you can enable a hardware security key for 2-step verification. We support USB or Bluetooth-enabled keys that meet the FIDO U2F standard, such as many Yubikeys or Google Titan.

Note: If you use a security key, you need a backup method so Support can verify your identity. We recommend an authenticator app for much better security than SMS messaging. For info on setting up the app, see Enable two-step verification.

  1. Log in to your ITEGY account.
  2. Click this icon in the upper-right corner:
    click person icon
  3. Click Account Settings.
    click account settings
  4. Click Login & PIN, and in the 2-step verification section, click Set up.
  5. Below Choose your additional verification method, select Security key and then click Next. Have your security key nearby, but don't connect it yet.
    click security key
  6. Click Next and then follow the onscreen instructions. Once we verify your key, you'll see a success message.
  7. Click Add Back Up.
  8. Below Choose your additional verification method, select Authenticator app.
  9. Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions to set up the app as your backup authentication method.

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