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About .GRATIS Domain Names

As any seasoned business owner will tell you, the quickest way to cement customer loyalty is to give them something “gratis” or at no charge. Whether it’s expert advice or free samples, use .gratis to turn browsers into loyal customers.

The .gratis domain extension is managed by the Donuts registry. To learn about the regulations and pre-registration information that apply to .gratis, see About Donuts Domain Names.

For information about Donuts' registration process, see Registering Donuts domains.

The following dates apply to the .gratis launch plan:

Trademark Holder (Sunrise)
Start Date: 6/24/14 at 16:00 UTC
End Date: 8/23/14 at 16:00 UTC

Early Access (Landrush)
Launch: 8/27/14 at 16:00 UTC

General Availability
Launch: 9/3/14 at 16:00 UTC

For .gratis pricing, click here.