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Email Marketing privacy features

These features help your customers maintain control of their data and profiles as defined by GDPR. Learn more about customer privacy and GDPR.

Note: These tools are in place to lend a hand, but using them does not guarantee that you will be compliant with GDPR regulations! To determine exactly what steps you should take to be compliant, it’s best to speak to your lawyers.

Compliance tools overview:

  • Disable view and click tracking
  • Subscription management enablement
  • Permanent deletion
  • Webform age confirmation and Terms of Service Link
  • Subscriber data export

Disable view and click tracking

Your recipients (subscribers) can decide if they don't want their email views or clicks to be tracked by ITEGY. There are two ways to disable view and click tracking:

  1. Recipient asks you, the sender, to disable tracking
  2. Recipients disables tracking themselves (using the Subscription Management add-on enabled)

If a recipient disables view and click tracking, their data is removed from the Stats tab for views, engagement, and click performance.

Subscription management enablement

Subscription management is enabled by default for your subscribers and recipients. It allows recipients to disable view and click tracking themselves.

If you choose to disable Subscription Management, you will be reminded of the potential compliance raminifcations.

Permanent deletion

When you delete a subscriber from your Email Marketing Audience, all of their data will be entirely wiped from ITEGY systems. This means that we’ll no longer store any records of that subscriber’s previous activity in your account. Those details will be entirely deleted from any internal tracking we do behind-the-scenes as well.

Age confirmation and Terms of Service

You can add a checkbox to webforms that requires the subscriber to confirm their age in order to subscribe. You can also add a link to your organization’s Terms of Service right in your webform, so subscribers have easy access to that. Both of these can be accomplished by using the Fancy Fields webform feature/

Subscriber data export

The export tool, allows you to export all personally identifiable information about any subscriber at that subscriber’s request. It is done in a portable CSV format. Once you’ve exported the CSV file, you can send it to the subscriber.

Your privacy options

Your Privacy Options include:

Privacy optionDescription
AdvertisingMeasures the effectof our advertising, track visit details, and generate information we use to make our ads more relevant to you.
AnalyticsCollects anonymous information about how visitors use our sites. This is used to improve our products, services, and the user experience.
SupportProvides interactive services such as chat support and customer feedback tools.
EssentialsProvides necessary services and fuctionality, including identity verification and site security Opt-out is not available.