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How does collecting payment work?

Note: This article is for Quick Shopping Cart ONLY. If you are using Online Store, see Set up payment method

Quick Shopping Cart® lets you collect payments from your storefront's customers using several methods:

Credit Cards — To accept credit cards, either online, through a payment gateway, or offline through your Point Of Sale (POS) terminal, your storefront must be protected by a 128-bit SSL certificate.

Credit Cards with Online Processing — To process credit cards online and automatically deposit money into your bank account, you need an SSL certificate for your online store, a payment gateway, and a merchant account. Payment gateways authorize the transaction and handle moving the funds from a credit card account to your bank. A merchant account is your business account where the money is deposited.

Quick Shopping Cart integrates with these popular payment gateway providers: Authorize.net®, VeloCT, Chase Paymentech™, and Intuit® Merchant Service for Web Stores. For more information, see How do I collect payment?.

When customers use a credit card to purchase items from your store, we pre-authorize payments. You must manually accept the payment from the Order Details screen by clicking Capture Funds.

Credit Cards Offline through a Point of Sale Terminal — To process credit cards offline (manually) through a Point of Sale (POS) credit card swipe or number entry terminal, you need an SSL certificate for your online store along with the POS credit card terminal and an account with a card processing company. For more information, see Using a Point of Sale Terminal .

Note: Current credit card regulations do not allow us to store the Card Verification Value (CVV) codes with the credit card information in our database. For more information, see Why can't I capture the CVV code for credit cards for Point of Sale transactions?

PayPal® — You can start accepting credit card payments instantly with a PayPal account. Using your PayPal account, you can also accept PayPal Wallet funds. With PayPal, you are not required to have an SSL certificate, payment gateway, or merchant account. Signing up for a PayPal account is free, and there are no setup fees or monthly charges. You are responsible only for the transaction fees. For more information, see Working with PayPal .

PayPal Express® — PayPal Express is a payment solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing Quick Shopping Cart checkout process. Your customers proceed through your checkout path and directly to the PayPal site to complete payment, and are returned to your website. Customers can use a new or existing PayPal account and keep their credit card information on PayPal's website. For more information, see Setting Up PayPal Express Checkout with Quick Shopping Cart.

Chase Paymentech — Chase Paymentech is an automated credit card payment gateway that integrates with your existing Quick Shopping Cart account. This allows you to accept credit card payments through your storefront. You must have an SSL certificate attached to your account to use this payment gateway and accept credit cards online. When customers use a credit card to purchase items from your store, payments are pre-authorized. For more information, see Using Chase Paymentech.

Cash On Delivery — Collecting money using Cash on Delivery is simple and is a great option for customers who are unable, or unwilling, to provide credit card information online. For more information, see Setting Up Cash on Delivery (COD) Payments with Quick Shopping Cart.

Purchase Orders and Personal Checks — Quick Shopping Cart provides a Print and Call option that lets customers print their order, and then call you to arrange payment. When they contact you, open the order and enter the agreed-upon payment method and terms. This option is convenient and flexible, and lets you decide specific payment terms on a case-by-case basis with your customers.