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Using Conversion Tracking for Site Promotion in Quick Shopping Cart

Quick Shopping Cart's conversion tracking measures the action of a user who clicks on one of your ads and whether the action results in a purchase.

You can set up conversion tracking to track the effectiveness of your Google® AdWords®. When your customer completes a Quick Shopping Cart purchase, a message is sent to the advertiser's conversion tracking server, where you can see conversion statistics.

Purchasing Conversion Tracking with Google® AdWords

To enable purchase conversion tracking for Google® AdWords, enter the conversion ID that Google® gave you. After you add the ID, Quick Shopping Cart dynamically generates the JavaScript necessary to enable purchase conversion tracking on your customer's invoice when completing a purchase.

Note: When generating your Google® conversion ID, select Purchase/Sale in the Google® AdWords Conversion Tracking setup. Additionally, even though the Google® instructions tell you to copy all of the code in the box, you only need to copy the ID in the google_conversion_id line. You use the ID to set up conversion tracking with Google®.

For more information, see Google's Setting up Conversion Tracking section.

To Set Up Conversion Tracking for Google® AdWords

  1. Log in to your ITEGY account.
  2. Click Quick Shopping Cart.
  3. On the Quick Shopping Cart page, click Manage next to the Quick Shopping Cart account you want to use.
  4. From the Promote menu, go to the Marketing section, and then select Conversion Tracking.
  5. In the Google AdWords ID field, enter the conversion ID that Google® gave you.
  6. Click OK.