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Working with Intuit QuickBooks

The Intuit® QuickBooks® integration for Quick Shopping Cart® has two components:

  • Support for processing credit card transactions using the Intuit Merchant Service for Web Stores payment gateway, where available.
  • Quick Shopping Cart Web Services that allow QuickBooks to download receipt information into QuickBooks. This feature enables the QuickBooks credit card reconciliation feature to incorporate transactions processed through Quick Shopping Cart.

Full Web Services integration is available only to merchants who use Intuit Merchant Services for Web Stores as their payment gateway. If you are not using Intuit Merchant Service for Web Stores, you can use Quick Shopping Cart Web Service to send receipts to QuickBooks. However, the receipts are not integrated into the Intuit Merchant Service for Web Stores functionality that allows credit card reconciliation with QuickBooks.

Note: Quick Shopping Cart and Quickbooks can only be integrated using Windows® PCs.

For more information about using QuickBooks, refer to the QuickBooks Quick Start Guide.