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Submitting Your Site to Search Engines

To ensure that your website is listed with the Internet's top search engines, you can either wait for the search engines to find the site themselves, or you can submit it directly to the engines. Search Engine Visibility's submission features make it easier by providing automated submission to certain search engines, and Web directories and links for manual submission to others. So, instead of searching the Internet for the search engines and directories to submit your site to, simply use Search Engine Visibility's comprehensive search engine list to find and submit to the the search engines you want.

Why submit to search engines?

Top search engines like Google®, Yahoo!®, Bing, and Ask use spiders that crawl the Internet at least once a month, which lets them to continually add to their already enormous content libraries. Assuming that other Web pages are linking to pages on your website, your site is eventually visited by the search engines' spiders, and a number of pages from the site are added to the search engines' indices. However, if you have just built your website and wish to gain instant Web visibility, you can submit your website URL directly to the search engines. Doing so ensures that the engines are aware of your site and at least consider indexing it the next time they update their respective libraries.

Unlike algorithmic search engines, Web directories generally add submitted content only. So, if you want your site listed with such directories as the Open Directory Project or Yahoo!, you must submit it directly.

Understanding the submission process

Search Engine Visibility lets you to easily submit your Web page URL to a large number of Internet search engines and directories. Some submissions are as simple as a single click of a button.

Certain search engines and directories do not allow automated submission. Instead, you must manually submit your page to those engines by visiting their respective submission pages. Search Engine Visibility provides an extensive list of manual-submission search engines and directories that can help you generate website traffic.

Some, mostly smaller, search engines and directories instantly add submitted content to their indices. However, most of the search engines ensure that submitted pages are being visited and reviewed the next time they unleash their respective spiders. Directory submissions generally ensure that the directory editors at some point review the submission and consider it for inclusion.

Turnaround times

Although some search engines and directories index submitted content instantly, most of them dedicate a certain amount of time for reviewing the submitted pages. This is known as "turnaround time." Turnaround times vary between the search engines. Leading search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing can take up to eight weeks of turnaround times. Some directories, particularly the Yahoo! directory, have turnaround times of several months. Many engines and directories define their turnaround times on their submission pages or in their submission responses. For more information, see How soon can I see results once I've submitted my site to the search engines?

Concerning re-submission

Search Engine Visibility enables you to automatically resubmit your Web page to a number of search engines. However, resubmission of content for the most part is unnecessary. Some certain engines state very clearly that resubmission is unwelcome. In most cases, however, resubmission simply has no impact on your Web page's search engine ranking. For more information, see Search Engine Visibility FAQ

Submitting a page once ensures that the page is being reviewed and potentially listed by the targeted search engine or directory. Re-submission does not improve the odds of gaining a listing. In essence, a Web page need not be re-submitted unless it was rejected when submitted the first time. If the rejection was caused by a specific problem with the submitted page, fixing the problem and re-submitting the page might help secure a listing.

To see how Search Engine Visibility can help you submit to the search engines, see Search Engine Visibility FAQ