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Activate my SSL credit

After you purchase an SSL certificate, a credit will show up in your account until you are ready to use it. When you are ready to request your SSL certificate, you'll need to activate your SSL credit first.

Activate your credit

  1. Log in to your ITEGY account.
  2. Click SSL Certificates.
  3. Next to the SSL certificate credit you want to use, click Set up.
  4. If you have multiple credits, select the credit you want to use, and then click Set up.
  5. Refresh the page; you should see a New Certificate. If you don't, continue to refresh the page until you do.

Next steps

What you need to do next depends on the type of SSL certificate that you have.

TypeNext step
Domain validated SSL certificateRequest an SSL certificate (Standard Assurance)
Deluxe or Extended Validation certificatesRequest an SSL certificate (Deluxe or Extended Validation)
Code or Driver Signing certificatesRequest code or driver signing certificates

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