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Exporting a Code Signing Certificate from Internet Explorer or Firefox

Once you install a Code Signing certificate in your browser, you might want to export it from Internet Explorer® or Firefox® to use elsewhere. For example, you might want to back it up, or use it on another computer.

To Export a Code Signing Certificate from Internet Explorer

  1. In Internet Explorer, open Tools, and then click Internet Options. The Internet Options window displays.
  2. From the Content tab, click Certificates.
  3. From the certificates list, select the certificate you want to export, and then click Export.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Yes, export the private key, and then click Next.

    Note: If the "Yes, export the private key" option is not available, your private key is not present or is marked as not exportable. To determine if the private key is available, view the details of the certificate. The contents of the dialog indicate whether a private key is associated with the certificate.

  6. Select Personal Information Exchange, and then select Include all certificates in the certification path if possible.
  7. Select Export all extended properties, and then, unless you want to leave a copy of the private key in the certificate store, select Delete the private key if the export is successful.
  8. Click Next.
  9. If required, enter your password twice.
  10. Select the location to which you want to save the PFX file, and then click Next.
  11. Click Finish and then, in the confirmation window that displays, click OK.

To Export a Code Signing Certificate from Firefox

  1. In Firefox, click Tools and select Options.
  2. PC: In the Advanced section, from the Encryption tab, click View Certificates.

    Mac: From the Firefox menu, select Preferences. Go to the Advanced tab, and then go to the Cerficiates tab.
  3. Select the certificate you want to export, and then click Backup.
  4. Enter the file name, and then, from Save as type or Format menu, select PKCS12 Files.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Create a strong password, and then click OK.

Upon completion, you receive confirmation that the export was successful.

Note: To use your certificate with other software tools, you might need to convert the exported PFX file to PVK and SPC files. See Converting an Exported PFX Code Signing File to PVK and SPC Files using Windows for information.