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Request code or driver signing certificates

After you've purchased a code or driver signing certificate, the first step is to request the certificate.

Before you request the certificate

Code and driver signing certificates require you to create a certificate signing request (CSR) from your local computer — not the computer where you will host the file. Because of that, generating a CSR differs from processes for requesting a typical SSL. How you do it depends on what you're securing:

Type of CodeVisit...
JavaJava Code Signing: Generate a CSR
(EXE, DLL, etc.)
Windows: Generate CSR for code or driver signing certificate

Be sure to request the certificate using the computer and the account (typically Administrator) you will use to sign the code. Requesting the certificate creates a private key on the computer that you must associate with the code signing certificate when you install it.

Activate your credit

  1. Log in to your ITEGY account.
  2. Click SSL Certificates.
  3. Next to the SSL certificate credit you want to use, click Set up.
  4. If you have multiple credits, select the credit you want to use, and then click Set up.
  5. Refresh the page; you should see a New Certificate. If you don't, continue to refresh the page until you do.

Request your certificate

  1. Next to your New Certificate, click Manage.
  2. Paste the CSR you generate in the CSR field, and then click Next.
  3. Enter your organization's information - which has to match the information you used when creating your CSR - and then click Finish.

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