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Requesting Your Certificate

If you're at this article, it means you have a slightly different version of our SSL request interface than most of our customers. Complete the steps to request your certificate:

To Request Your Certificate

  1. Select one of the following:
    • Select a domain from your account if you're using one of our services such as shared hosting or Website Builder.
    • Enter a domain hosted somewhere else if you have a certificate signing request (CSR) (more info) from a server on which you want to install the SSL.
  2. If this is your first SSL certificate, select that you agree to the Subscriber Agreement.
  3. Click Request Certificate.

After you submit your request, we must verify your application. You can monitor the progress of your certificate request in the Pending Requests folder (more info). Also, be sure to check your email for further instructions.

If you selected a domain name from your account (i.e. did not generate a CSR), when you requested your certificate, we automatically update the IP address for your website when your SSL is approved.

If your domain and hosting are in different accounts, you must update the A record for your domain with the new IP address. See Find my website's IP address for more information. To learn how to update your domain's A record, see Manage DNS zone files.