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Get detailed errors (Windows)

By default, our Windows hosting accounts display a custom/generic error when applications generate an exception. This generic error prevents malicious users from obtaining sensitive information about your site.

To troubleshoot the issue, you can modify your web.config file and specify that a detailed error message displays instead of the custom error we created. A detailed error message helps you to locate the specific code that is causing the issue.

Warning:CAUTION: The code samples we provide below do not constitute a complete web.config file. Do not replace your existing web.config file with the code we provide. Before changing your web.config file, we recommend creating a backup.


Use the sample code below to display detailed error messages on IIS 7:

<configuration><system.webServer><httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" /><asp scriptErrorSentToBrowser="true"/></system.webServer><system.web><customErrors mode="Off"/><compilation debug="true"/></system.web></configuration>