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Installing DotNetNuke Modules

DotNetNuke is a powerful content management system for developing custom websites and content whose functionality can be extended through the installation of modules.

Not all modules included with DotNetNuke install automatically during application install. To add a module to those available for installation, FTP its zip file to the Install\Module folder off the DotNetNuke root.

To Install a DotNetNuke Module

  1. Log in to DotNetNuke as super user.
  2. From the Host menu, click Module Definitions.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the installed modules.
  4. If you are installing a new module, click Install New Module.
  5. Choose the location of the module zip file from your local directory structure.
  6. Click Install New Module.
  7. Select the modules you want to install.
  8. Click Install Selected Module.