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You can add links to your text to open a Web page or fill in the “To:” field in a new email.

  1. Log in to your Website Builder account.
  2. Click Edit Site.
  3. Click the page menu to choose a page that has text you want linked.
    Click the page menu to choose a page.
  4. Double-click inside the text box containing the text you want linked.
  5. Select the words you want linked and click the text editor's chain-link button.
    Click the chain icon to link the selected text
  6. In the Link window, click the Destination menu to select a page within your site, or type an external web address in the Link (URL) field.
    Use the Link window to select a Destination for your text link

    Note: To link text to an email address, enter the email address in the Link (URL) field using this format: mailto:cool@coolexample.com. (The field will remain pink until you type in the entire URL.) When customers click the link on your site, their default email program opens a blank email to that address.
    Enter an email address to link

  7. Select Open link in new window if you don't want the viewer's Web browser to close your site.
  8. Click Insert to apply the link and close the Link box.
  9. Click Publish to update your site online.

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