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Editing Photo Galleries

Warning: This information applies to Website Builder accounts purchased after March 10, 2011. To verify the date of your purchase see See my ITEGY receipts.

In Website Builder, you can edit your photo gallery's settings and theme. Settings include the gallery's title and how you display it. The theme is a combination of complementary colors.

For more information about changing gallery themes, see Setting Photo Gallery Themes.
For more information about completing these fields, see Creating Galleries .

To Edit Your Photo Gallery's Settings

  1. Log in to your Website Builder account.
  2. Click the Photos and Videos tab.
  3. Click Edit Galleries.
  4. Click the name of the gallery you want to edit.
  5. From the General tab, edit the following information:
    • Gallery name — Enter a name to display for the gallery.
    • Gallery description — Enter a description to display for the gallery.
    • Display number of gallery items — Select to display the number of items in your gallery.
    • Date display — Select to display the date you created the gallery, the date you last updated your gallery, no date, or select and then enter a custom date.
    • Privacy settings — Select Public to make your gallery viewable by anyone, Private to make it viewable only by you, or Password protected to make it viewable only by those who have the password you specify.
  6. From the Gallery Theme tab, select a category and color.
  7. Click Save. Your gallery is edited.