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Where Is My Content?

When you click the Upgrade Your Site tab from your InstantPage® dashboard, you upgrade your account to Website Builder. When you upgrade, Website Builder automatically imports the design elements from your InstantPage website, such as your pictures, color choices, and the arrangement of your Web page's content.

In Website Builder, you can find the elements of your InstantPage website in these locations:

  • Background — Website Builder stores images you uploaded for the InstantPage background, in the My Images section of the Image Library. The Website Builder Image Library also includes all the stock and Fotolia images you used in InstantPage.
  • Text — Website Builder displays the Title and Description text from your InstantPage website in corresponding content blocks. Text you create with InstantPage text apps are new Web pages in Website Builder.
  • Layout — Website Builder imports the layout you used in InstantPage. Website Builder features templates that display the same layout options you use in InstantPage.
  • Apps — Each app you created in InstantPage displays as a separate Web page in Website Builder.
  • Colors — Website Builder lets you use the same colors you displayed on your InstantPage website.
  • Content Blocks — With Website Builder, you can modify the appearance of content blocks to reflect the look and feel of your InstantPage website.

You can go back to your InstantPage website at any time before you publish your website with Website Builder. Reach your InstantPage account from the Website Builder home page in your Account Manager.

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