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Restore my database in Plesk hosting

Note: Site Backup hasn’t been sold as a new product since January 2018. For our new backup solution, see What is Website Backup?


You can restore your database from a backup if it got hacked or damaged. How you complete the restore depends on how you created the backup:

I used...To restore the database...
Site BackupSee Restore databases using Site Backup in Plesk hosting
Plesk's manual backupsUse this article
I don't have a backup!Contact customer support

Restore from manual Plesk backup

  1. From the Plesk home page, click Backup Manager.
  2. Click More actions, and then click Database Backup Repository.
  3. In the Database backup files area, from the Database menu, click the database whose backup you want to use.

  4. Select the backup you want to use, and then click Restore.
  5. Click Confirm the restoration, and then click OK.