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Using keyboard shortcuts in webmail

There are several keyboard shortcuts available in Web-Based Email to make everyday tasks such as sending, replying, and composing email easier and faster.

To Use Shortcut Keys

  1. Open Web-Based Email.
  2. Hover over the Settings drop-down menu, and then select Display Settings.
  3. Click the Other tab.
  4. Shortcut keys are enabled by default. To disable shortcut keys, uncheck the box next to Enable shortcut keys. Check the box to re-enable the shortcuts.
  5. Click OK.

Here is a list of the keyboard shortcuts and what they do:

ActionShortcut KeysDescription
Open new messageEnterOpens selected message
SendCTRL (PC) or CMD (Mac) + EnterSends message from the composer
Return to message listlRefreshes the page and returns to the previous message list
ReplyrReplies to message sender
Reply AllaReplies to all message recipients
ForwardfForwards a message
ComposecOpens a new message in the Compose window
Mark as ReadShift + rMarks your message as "read"
Mark as UnreadShift + uMarks your message as "unread"
FlaggFlags message
Clear FlagShift + gClears flags
SearchsOpens the Search page
PrintpPrints selected messages
Save as DraftCTRL (PC) or CMD (Mac) + sIn the composer, saves message to the draft folder
Save as TemplateCTRL (PC) or CMD (Mac) + Shift + mSaves message to the Templates folder
Select next emailDown arrow or jSelects the next email in the message list
Select previous emailUp arrow or kSelects the previous email in the message list
Delete emailDelete or BackspaceDeletes the selected emails
Select AllCTRL (PC) or CMD (Mac) + aSelects all emails in the current message list
Deselect EmailEscDeselects all selected emails in the current message list
Expand/CollapseTilde (Shift + `/~)Expands or collapses preview pane