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Check the MySQL version of a database

A database's version of MySQL doesn't change once you created it. If you are interested in which versions of MySQL we offer for new databases, you can see which versions your

What should I back up on my Linux Virtual Private Server?

What you back up depends on how you configured your dedicated server. For standard installations, it is a good idea to back up your website directories.

How can I back up the data on my Virtual Private Server?

Our FTP Backup feature provides reliable, remote back up for the important data on your Virtual Private Server (VPS). This type of backup is self-managed. We provide you with

How much space can I get to backup my Virtual Private Server?

We currently offer FTP Backup plans with 15 GB, 30 GB, 60 GB, or 120 GB of space.

How can I access the FTP Backup server for my Linux Virtual Private Server?

You can access your FTP backup server from your Virtual Private Server (VPS) using any standard FTP client, such as LFTP.

Using 301 Page Redirects

If you renamed or moved pages of your website, a 301 redirect lets you automatically redirect visitors and search engine spiders to your new pages while maintaining your

Do your hosting accounts support RSS feeds?

Yes, our hosting accounts support RSS feeds. Using ASP or PHP, you can import RSS feeds into your Web pages or you can create an RSS feed for your website or blog.

What is root access?

On our dedicated and Virtual Private Linux servers, "root" is the administrative user that you can use to access and edit all of the files on your server (this includes

How do I rebuild qmail's queue if it is damaged or consists of a lot of spam messages?

You can recreate qmail's queue, but all current messages will be removed from the queue and cannot be restored.

Connecting to a MySQL Database on Your Linux Hosting Account Using PHP

Below is a code sample for connecting to a MySQL database using PHP.

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