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Delete my own host names

You can delete your own host names at any time.

Why am I getting bouncebacks for messages I didn't send?

If you are receiving a large number of replies or bouncebacks for emails that you didn't send, or from email addresses that show your domain but don't exist, you may have

Publishing Content Before Modifying Your DNS

Preview DNS lets you test your website prior to launch to ensure it displays and behaves properly on our hosting servers before modifying your domain's DNS record. This is

What are Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)?

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are foreign language domain names that include non-ASCII characters. You can register an IDN using the native language characters or

Viewing Your CashParking Domain Names

You can view a list of the domain names in your CashParking® account. On the Domains page, you can filter the list, change the order in which domain names display, collapse

Setting Up a .MOBI Domain

When setting up Website Builder with a .mobi domain, you can create a website properly formatted for smaller screens. Pages set up with this feature will display on

Deleting Domain Names from CashParking

If you decide to stop monetizing a domain name in CashParking®, you can delete it from your CashParking account. Deleting a domain name from your CashParking account does not

View pending domain account changes

You can view a list of domain names that you are moving from your account to another registrant's account with us. This type of move is called an Account Change.

Manage DNS zone files for your domain registered at another company

If you registered your domain name with another company, you can still manage its DNS records with ITEGY by using DNS Hosting (formerly known as Off-Site DNS).

Regain access to my domain or my account

If you cannot access the email address associated with your account and cannot verify the information required for our customer support department to assist you, you can

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