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What software is installed on my server? (Windows)

The following software is installed on your Windows dedicated server after setup:

Where can I find more information about Parallels Plesk Panel?

For comprehensive Parallels Plesk Panel documentation, visit the Parallels website.

What is Parallels Plesk Panel?

Plesk is a control panel available on our Windows-based hosting accounts and servers. It lets you easily manage many aspects of your account, including the files,

Install software (Linux)

You can install software on your Linux server by using the following commands in SSH. These command you use depends on which Linux distribution you are using.

What can I install on my Virtual Private Server?

You may install any software over the top of the server's kernel. This includes updating software like Apache and GCC.

Adding Resellers in Parallels Plesk Panel

You can create additional reseller accounts in Parallels Plesk PanelĀ® so that other users can log in and access different administrative tools and manage their websites.

Accessing Your Parallels Plesk Panel Web Stats

If you have Web stats enabled in Parallels Plesk Panel, you can access the Web statistics for your site at:

What is the administrator password for my Virtual Private Server?

Your Administrator (root) password is the same as the password you specified for your User ID in the VPS Control Panel during account setup .

What should I back up on my server?

What you back up depends on how you configured your dedicated server. For standard installations it is a good idea to back up your website directories.

Can I automate backups on my server?

Yes. Your backup is completely self-managed, and you have control over the scripts and programs you run on your dedicated server. To automatically back up your data, you can

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