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What is FTP Backup?

Our FTP Backup feature provides reliable, remote backup for the important data on your dedicated server. This type of backup is self-managed. We provide you with a secure FTP

How much space do my FTP backups have?

We currently offer FTP Backup plans with 20 GB, 100 GB, 300 GB, and 600 GB.

Do my FTP backups use bandwidth?

No, the bandwidth that you use to back up your dedicated server using FTP Backup is not taken from your monthly bandwidth allocation.

Access your FTP Backups

You can access your FTP backup server from your dedicated server using any standard FTP client. For dedicated Linux servers, you can use LFTP. For Windows, FileZilla is an

How many simultaneous connections can one MySQL database have?

We allow up to 200 simultaneous connections per MySQL user.

Connecting to MySQL Using PHP

You can access MySQL databases directly through PHP scripts. This lets you read and write data to your database directly from your website.

Changing the Appearance of the Parallels Plesk Panel Admin Interface

You can customize the user interface of Parallels Plesk PanelĀ® using one of the interface skins. You can also set the default interface skin for each new account.

Changing the Logo in Parallels Plesk Panel

Parallels Plesk PanelĀ® lets you brand the interface with your own logo. This replaces the default Parallels Plesk Panel logo in the top right corner, which is visible to

Can I order a hosting account if I live outside the United States?

You can order Web hosting even though you don't live in the United States, unless you live in one of the countries listed below.

What is the path to sendmail on my Linux hosting plan?

The path to sendmail on our Linux hosting servers is:

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