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Log in to my server

Logging in to your server depends on its operating system and whether or not you have a control panel installed on it:

Install software (Linux)

You can install software on your Linux server by using the following commands in SSH. These command you use depends on which Linux distribution you are using.

What can I install on my Virtual Private Server?

You may install any software over the top of the server's kernel. This includes updating software like Apache and GCC.

Adding Resellers in Parallels Plesk Panel

You can create additional reseller accounts in Parallels Plesk PanelĀ® so that other users can log in and access different administrative tools and manage their websites.

Adding Email Accounts to Plesk Servers

Servers running Plesk let you create email addresses at the domains hosted on your account.

Unlocking Your Parallels Plesk Panel Account on a Linux Server

Following a number of unsuccessful login attempts, Parallels Plesk Panel locks your user account for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, you can try to log in to your

Accessing Your Parallels Plesk Panel Web Stats

If you have Web stats enabled in Parallels Plesk Panel, you can access the Web statistics for your site at:

What is the administrator password for my Virtual Private Server?

Your Administrator (root) password is the same as the password you specified for your User ID in the VPS Control Panel during account setup .

How do I install an SSL certificate on my server?

You can install SSLs from any company (or Certificate Authority - also known as a CA) on your server using these steps.

Setting Up DNS with Your Parallels Plesk Panel 9 Server and Domain with Us

There are three steps to setting up DNS for websites hosted on your dedicated or Virtual Private Server (VPS) using Plesk 9:

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