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ITEGY engineers build all telephony networks

PBX telephony

How Will it Benefit your Organization:

Save over traditional PBX-based telephony systems
Connect users quickly and easily, no matter their location
Add phone lines more quickly and cost-efficiently

IP Telephony What is IP Telephony?

IP Telephony is the new way of communication; Hosted IP Telephony allows greater flexibility over traditional PBX Phone Systems. IP Telephone Systems allow you more control over multi locations; these IP Phone Solutions will give you greater features than previously experienced with a traditional telephone system.

IP Telephony can offer you ‘Go Anywhere’ number ranges irrespective of your geographical location; An IP Telephony Solution will bring all your employees and locations together under one Phone System including home workers and overseas workers.

Telephony Solutions itegy

How to Embrace Telephony Solutions?

Evaluate existing applications
Understand how users communicate
Consider what features you'll want to include–voicemail
Identify service level improvements
Pinpoint existing messaging applications

Business communications based on the facts.

Take a few moments to study these questions; if you answer YES to any of them you must see this Solution in action at your premises before making any decision on your future telephony requirements. We guarantee not to waste your time.

Home Worker Integration

Looking to cut call costs?

Want to bring all your locations under one telephone system?
Moving Offices
Home Worker Integration
End of your current Telephone System/PBX

IP Telephony incorporates a range of technologies that utilize the Internet Protocol's data transferring connections to exchange voice, fax, and other forms of information as packets of data across shared lines. The key advantage of this is that it allows companies to avoid the cost of using traditional public switched telephone network connections.

The most pressing challenge in IP Telephony has been to achieve a sustainable and acceptable standard of quality in voice delivery, sending the data packets in a dependable flow to the user. ITEGY has remained abreast of developments within this area over the years and now confidently offers IP Telephony solutions as a reliable method of managing your long and short distance communication needs.

IP Telephony is a key element in the convergence of computers, telephones, and other media into a single integrated information environment (unified communications). ITEGY applies the latest in Cisco and Avaya IP Telephony solutions, allowing your employees to interact, hold virtual meetings and share key information using almost any device or operating system. We offer a wide range of manufacturer-approved IP phones that are available in wired and wireless versions and can configure all your IP Telephony needs on their own or as part of our unified communications solution.

ITEGY engineers

ITEGY engineers build all telephony networks

economically effective telephony solutions
up-to-date converged corporate telephony networks
Supply intelligent multimedia Contact centers
Integration of IP telephony into corporate network
Automated roaming between mobile and office telephony
Upgrade of telecommunication infrastructure

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Professional and effective telephony solution implies individual approach only. A number of recommendations together with a Technical requirement composed after detailed analysis of the company's needs allow our Customers to save telephony expenses with calls processing optimization.

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