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Partition your second harddrive (Linux)

If your Linux server is configured with two hard disks, and you want to partition your second drive, you must:

Partition your second harddrive (Windows)

Partitioning the hard drive of your Windows® dedicated server can help you keep your data organized. It can also help maximize the speed and performance of your server.

Reboot your server

To reboot your server, you'll need to connect to it (via SSH for Linux and Remote Desktop for Windows) and issue a reboot command.

Do you restrict what content I can keep on my server?

As long as the material or content does not violate the regulations listed in the license agreement for your account, you can upload any type of content that you want on your

Turning Off PHP Safe Mode on Your Plesk Server

By default, Parallels Plesk Panel sets PHP to "safe mode" during installation. To take PHP out of "safe mode," you need to remote connect to your dedicated server and modify

What can I install on my server?

You may install anything you want on your dedicated server, as long as the installed material does not violate the restrictions listed in the license agreement.

Access your second hard drive

How you access a secondary drive on your dedicated server depends on which operating system you are using. If you are using Linux®, you can use SSH to access the drive. If

What software is installed on my server? (Windows)

The following software is installed on your Windows dedicated server after setup:

Recovering Your Parallels Plesk Panel Password on a Linux Server

If you forget your Parallels Plesk Panel password, you can recover it on your Linux dedicated server.

Recovering Your Parallels Plesk Panel Password on a Windows Server

If you forget your Parallels Plesk Panel password on your Windows server, you can use the plesksrvclient.exe utility to recover it.

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