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Customizing your footer

The Storefront Footer displays on each page of your Quick Shopping Cart storefront and generally contains your contact information, domain, business slogan, and any images

How do I ping a domain name?

Ping lets you quickly verify whether your connection is valid. Here are instructions to ping a domain name on both Windows and Mac.

Preview your website using hosts files

Sometimes you need to preview your website files on your hosting account prior to pointing your domain to your hosting account. You can do this by adding entries to the hosts

Set email forwarding for domains with privacy

Private Registration creates a unique email address for each domain, and you can choose how you want to receive your emails.

Remove Premium Listings

If you decide not to sell a domain name through a Premium listing, you can remove the option using these instructions.

Transfer domain from ITEGY to another registrar

The process for transferring a domain name registered with ITEGY to another registrar is not hard, but it does take time. You'll complete some steps with ITEGY and some steps

Copying Zone File Records from One Domain Name to Another

Using the Zone File Editor in the DNS Manager, you can copy zone file records from one domain name to another. You can select single or multiple records to copy, and then you

Open my product

Before you can use your ITEGY domain or program, you'll need to log in and open it.

What is domain name kiting?

Domain name kiting is the process of registering a domain name to test its monetization possibilities and then, if it doesn't generate sufficient advertising revenue,

Download Exportable Lists in the Domain Manager

When you create an exportable list, we send you an email message to notify you when it's ready for download. You can download your list from the Exportable Lists page in the

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