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Accessing the Domain Control Center

From the Domain Manager, you can manage all of your domain name's settings and features, such as domain name transfers, renewals, DNS options, and domain name add-ons. You

Change domain contact information

You can change a domain's contact information at any time. Domains have four sets of contacts, which are listed below after the instructions.

Add Private Registration

Per our agreement with ICANN, we must add valid contact information to the WHOIS directory for each domain you register. By purchasing Private Registration, you can hide your

Private Registration FAQ

Per our registrar agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the contact and registrant information listed for your domain name must be

Manually forwarding or masking your domain or subdomain

Domain or subdomain forwarding lets you automatically direct your visitors to a different website.

What is ConsoliDate?

With ConsoliDate you can consolidate the dates when your .com and .net domain names renew. It changes your renewal dates from your initial registration date to a date you

Consolidate domain expiration dates

With ConsoliDate, you can consolidate the dates for when your .com and .net domain names renew. This will change your renewal dates from your initial registration date to a

Request an SSL certificate (Deluxe or Extended Validation)

After you purchase an SSL certificate, and activate the SSL credit, you need to request it for the website's domain name (or "common name") you want to secure with the SSL.

What is a Wildcard SSL certificate?

Wildcard SSL certificates secures your website URL and an unlimited number of its subdomains. For example, a single Wildcard certificate can secure www.coolexample.com,

When can I register an expired domain name?

Usually, a domain name is not available for re-registration as soon as it expires. Most registrars allow a grace period that can be as short as one or two weeks or as long as

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