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What is Protected Registration?

Protected Registration is a premium service you can apply to many of the domain names you purchase or already registered with us. The service helps ensure that you retain

What happens if my protected domain name expires?

If your domain name with Protected Registration does not renew, we place it in an inactive, protected status for up to 12 months. This protected status keeps the domain name

Add Protected Registration

You can add Protected Registration to your domain(s) as an extra safeguard. But before you proceed, we strongly recommend that you enable two-step verification on your

Cancel Protected Registration

Removing (or cancelling) Protected Registration from your domain name will enable you to complete tasks such as transferring your domain, moving your domain to another ITEGY

Can I list my protected domain name for auction?

No. You cannot list a domain name that has Protected Registration for auction. Use Protected Registration for domain names you want to keep. Protected Registration protects

Updating nameservers for your CashParking domain

For your domain name to display your Cash Parking site, you must update its nameservers.

Are there any restrictions on the domain names I can use for CashParking?

Domain names deemed inappropriate cannot be used with the CashParking® service. Examples of inappropriate domains are ones that include third-party trademarks, references to

Downloading and Exporting CashParking Reports

You can download and export reports that list the CashParking® settings for your domain name, a report for all your CashParking domain names, or a detailed report of a

Customizing Script Dir on a Server Running Parallels Plesk Panel

Parallels Plesk Panelconfigures the httpd.include file for each domain for overall site security. As such, it enables the open_basedir directive for PHP, so that a script

What happens to my commission if I move my domain name out of my CashParking account mid-cycle?

If you move your domain name out of your CashParking® account mid-cycle, the way we pay you depends on the commission generated during the earning period in question. If the

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