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Apply DNS Templates

If you manage the DNS records for several domains, you can create and apply DNS templates to multiple zone files at once, instead of creating records for each zone file

What are zone files and zone records?

Zone files organize the zone records for domain names and subdomains in a DNS server. Every domain name and subdomain has a zone file, and each zone file contains zone

Manage DNS zone files

You can change which service your domain uses for its website and email by managing its DNS records (also known as zone file records). How you access your DNS records depends

Setting up a subdomain

You can set up your Quick Shopping Cart® storefront as a subdomain of your main domain. For example, you could create the subdomain shop.coolexample.com as a subdomain of

How do my customers access my online store?

If you set up your Quick Shopping Cart store as a dedicated domain, your customers access your store by entering your domain name in the address bar of their browser (for

Setting up your Quick Shopping Cart as a Subdomain of your domain registered with another company

To direct customers from an existing domain to your Quick Shopping Cart subdomain, you need to modify the zone records with your domain registrar.

Buy rates

As a ITEGY Domains reseller, you can sell domain names and related products at the best prices. The Reseller plan you purchase determines your buy rates. For more

What is Secondary DNS?

If you have a Premium DNS account at ITEGY, you can enable Secondary DNS, which backs up all of your DNS zone files to a secondary nameserver. If you enable Secondary DNS and

What domain name extensions can I transfer to you?

To transfer a domain name to us, you must purchase a domain name transfer from our website. Visit our Transfer your domain here! page to view the list of domain names that

Troubleshoot my domain transfer to ITEGY

When you transfer a domain name to us, problems can sometimes occur. You can always check the Transfers-In page in your Domain Manager to see the status of your domain

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